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for Customer Acquisition


The team at CallsDirect specializes in providing proven and effective customer acquisition lead generation programs for many verticals including legal, debt, insurance, and more. Through our internal affiliate network, we deliver inbound calls, warm transfers, and digital leads.


We utilize a wide range of media methods including Search Engine Optimization, Display, SMS, Radio, Co-Reg, SMS, Radio, Television, Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) and Direct Mail. Our dedicated team of experts will strategize with you to best understand your goals when it comes to your lead generation needs, KPI’s, and most importantly your targeted CPA to ensure your campaign is a success.


Warm Transfers

Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting by pre-qualifying leads for your sales agents. We’ll hand your sales agents with warm phone transfers, prequalified to match your filters, who have a serious interest in your product / service.

Inbound Calls

We make your phone ring with leads interested in your service(s). We’ll send your agents inbound calls of leads who have answered a custom ad interested in learning more about your product / service. We can customize a campaign with your brand, or you can plug into our branded campaigns and start receiving inbound calls as soon as tomorrow.

Web Leads

Our web leads are exclusive to you and delivered in real-time via API. The web leads that we provide have an interest in your product / service and have submitted their contact information to learn more. We deliver that lead to you in real-time so your agents can phone them back and talk to them while the lead is hot!


Our Brands

Getting you high quality leads is our top priority.